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When I was seven years old, I was fortunate enough to be introduced and live part-time with a very experienced endurance rider.  She told me about this ride called The Tevis, where you get to ride your horse ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT through the mountains of California, all the way from Tahoe to Auburn.  It sounded like Heaven to me and became a Life Goal of mine.  Twenty years later, I stood on that stage and accepted my first Tevis buckle for completing the ride.  But I was hooked on the sport from Day One.

This blog is mainly focused on my current mount, Dream Makker a.k.a. Diego or Dig, a 2005 CMK Arabian bred by Van Gilder Arabians out of north central Oregon.  I got Diego as an unstarted four year old, and the learning curve began there. 

If you want to read about some of my earlier endurance adventures, please visit my older blog:
Sinatra's Endurance Adventures which chronicles my beginnings into the sport, and several of the lesson's learned along the way, from my very first LD, to first 50, first 100, first Tevis (a non-completion) and several other key rides.

I currently am fortunate enough to reside in what might as well be Endurance Riders Mecca (perhaps second to Auburn, CA), which is Reno, Nevada.  We have access to wonderful weather, any possible type of terrain, numerous bountiful trails, and tons of sunny days to enjoy them.  The 100-mile distance is my absolute favorite, and I can't wait until Diego is ready to fully become my partner in such endeavours, perhaps in 2012.

You can find my AERC record at this link if you're so inclined.

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