Monday, January 5, 2009

Update 01/04/2009

Diggy had two big milestones this weekend, # 1 we rode with other horses in the arena. He did good, he would tend to stop if he wasn't quite sure, but I'll take a stop rather than just about any other option so I was proud and happy with how he did. We worked on passing and being passed, both with the other horse(s) either going the same or the opposite direction as us. Then, because he was being SUCH a good boy, we did milestone # 2 and TROTTED under saddle! I almost didn't because he was being good and I wanted to just end on a high note, but my friend's commented that with how relaxed he was, it was actually the perfect time. So I trotted him a couple of times in hand first, so he knew what we were going to ask for, then I got on and my friend Sarah led him off and asked him to trot. He took a couple little scooty steps and then settled right into a super nice, relaxed, **OMG HE'S SO SMOOTH** trot. I even posted a bit, which I had to make myself do as it was totally unnecessary. So then we unclipped the lead line and did it all by ourselves, both directions. He was just such a superstar, I was totally stoked!

Friends Sarah and Kelli were standing in the middle of the arena giving me tail updates (he's got it up, now it's relaxed, it's out, etc) which I found very humorous and a good gauge of how he was doing. He was so relaxed and smooth and perfect about the whole thing, I'm glad I let them talk me into it. =)

First little trail ride will be coming after I make plans with a steady-eddy horse buddy to supervise. =)

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