Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ugh. I didn't ride this week at all. These are just some of the pills I've been taking since my accident on 1/16, I think I've thrown out 3 other empty bottles of stuff... I was originally on a bunch of pain pills (most of which I still have) and a full week of Clindamycin, a pretty strong antibiotic but one of the few I'm not allergic to. Everything went well with that, just some mild intestinal upset towards the end but some Kombucha helped to clear all that up. Then on 2/12 I went and had my broken tooth extracted. Again, I received a course of Clindamycin to take. Well I was able to take it for about a day and a half before many daily visits to the bathroom were required (a side effect my Doctor had warned me about). I immediately stopped taking it, and within a couple of days things seemed back to normal... until they weren't. After several multiday on-again/off-again cycles of feeling better, and then feeling like crap (literally) and living on the toilet, things started to steadily progress downhill. I HATE going to the Doctor, but I finally dragged myself into the Urgent Care in my regular office after school on Tuesday (3/3).
Since it was after hours I didn't see my regular doctor. I explained my symptoms and the physician on call thought I had all the classic symptoms of something called C-Diff - which is a bacterial infection as a result of the antibiotic Clindamycin where all of the "good" bacteria in your gut die off and then all of the "bad" bacteria are able to take over. She sent me home with supplies to take a stool sample (Oh what fun THAT was!!! ) and told me to drink lots of Gatorade and start taking a probiotic. She gave me a prescription for Flagyl, which is supposed to be a pretty nasty antibiotic which will kill off the C-Diff stuff and make me feel better, but told me not to fill it until the test results come back.
So Wednesday morning I drop the poo off at the lab and go to work. That night I feel like I'm getting a UTI - oh joy. Thursday morning I feel horrible, I'm just in a lot of pain from the belly-button on down. I haul myself into work where I freak everyone out by being near tears. I get through the pain cycle and start to feel a bit better for a few hours, but around noon it starts to come back and I decide I'm going back to the Doctor NOW. I freak my hubby out when I call him in tears on my way to the car. I mean, I didn't cry after getting kicked, but I'm in a ton of pain now, my kidneys are killing me and I just hurt.
I have to go to Urgent Care again (same office as my regular doctor) and see another on-call physician. This is a different one than last time. He does a quick check and finds that I most definitely have a UTI and have blood in my stool. He prescribes one antibiotic for the UTI and tells me to fill the scrip for the Flagyl. Thankfully, I feel 100% better by Friday morning, getting something for the UTI really helped the pain. The Flagyl are these huge horse pills which taste like they were dipped in puke (they are SO horribly bitter/gross - ugh) that I have to take 3 times a day for 14 days. Oh joy. But at this point, I just want to feel better... =( I barely got off the couch all weekend.

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