Friday, July 31, 2009

Tevis Bound!!!

Okay, so I'm not riding =( BUT just being there is *almost* as good! This year, I'll be helping with the webcast coverage and be available to help crew. My good friend, Lucy Chapman Trumbull is riding this year for her very first time. She is rider # 170. Also, Kevin Myers, who I got Diego from, will be riding on his horse Far. He is rider #129. Kevin got Far from our good friend Leslie, who I rode my first 100 with on my older horse Sinatra. Lucy got her horse Roo from Kevin's partner Rusty... Hhhmmm, seems we just shuffle them around our small group. =)

You can follow along in several ways. Karen Chaton is head of the webcast this year, and as a tech guru, she certainly doesn't disappoint. The official webcast coverage can be found at

Photos (including mine, and Lucy's shots "from the trail") will be uploaded during the event here: I'm hoping to get some video as well and will be posting those links as we go. So far, I plan on being at Robie Park Friday, then the Hwy 89 crossing (near Squaw Valley), Robinson Flat, Michigan Bluff, Foresthill and the finish in Auburn.

Tevis tweets! Check out the Twitter page with updates: I'll also work on adding a Twitter sidebar to this blog, but am not making any promises as to frequent updates since I hate texting on my phone. =)

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