Monday, August 2, 2010


Well as of Friday, I should be officially done with school. It took me ten years to get my "four" year degree, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an Accounting major, but I'm finally done. Took my last final on Friday and submitted my essay. Assuming I didn't totally bomb both, then I should have passed my final class. It hasn't quite sunk in yet...

I've obviously disappeared off the blogging realm for the past few months. Getting through this last semester has been difficult and very time consuming. Taking classes of the summer is always a struggle, both due to the condensed nature of the courses (i.e. covering a 16-week course in 5 weeks) as well as having a lot of extra-curricular activities, such as BBQs, camping trips, and Tevis - where I helped with the webcast. Riding has taken a back-burner as well, with Diego only getting out about once a month. I'll try to post some updates soon and hopefully will be able to keep things more up to date from now on. =)

Yay!!! I'm done with school!!! !!! !!! I still can't quite believe it!


Funder said...

Official Congratulations, ma'am! When is the party?

Mel said...


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