Monday, January 3, 2011


Not really my thing, but I might as well put some ideas out there.  Perhaps by committing them to writing and the public Blogosphere, I'll be even more likely to stick with them!  Perhaps...  =)
  1. Finish a 50 mile AERC ride on Diego.  Since I didn't meet any of those goals from last year (except managing Moonshine), I refuse to be specific as to which ride - although I have a few already in mind.  ;)  Heck, I already have an entire "ideal 2011 ride schedule" planned in my mind, but I'm refusing to commit THAT to writing lest the gremlins are reading this blog.... which I'm sure they must!
  2. Eat "better."  Not too specific, since I don't like to feel guilty about my food.  I tried the whole primal thing, but was having way too much guilt every time I ate something "non-primal", that the entire thing was just making me depressed.  I have a family that I shop and cook for, neither of my boys, especially my 8 year old son, need nor WANT to eat primal - and personally I just love carbs too much to give them up entirely.  So rather than try to commit to an eating style which will bring me no joy when I "cheat" (and I can't do the whole 80/20 thing, mentally it's cheating and I have guilt), I shall resolve to just make better food choices.  Small steps.  Buy and consume more fresh produce, especially veggies, and watch my portions better.
  3. Track my training miles better.  Thankfully I've been mostly riding with friends who have a GPS and post the stats on Garmin Connect, so I've been able to go back and find most of the 2010 rides and have started an Excel sheet.  I also bought a small two-year calendar with a waterproof cover to keep in the trailer.
  4. Blog more.  This includes taking some time to finish the 20-something posts I have in draft status from last year.  My problem, I'm too wordy.  Start to do more short and to the point, or at least try.
And with that.... I'm done!  =)


Michelle said...

They seem like good "resolutions" to me. Matter of fact, they are very similar to mine. =)

Dom said...

Sounding a lot like my goals. :)

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