Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exploring in Red Rock

Had a great ride this past weekend out near Red Rock, helping to explore new trail to be used for the Red Rock Rumble, which will be a new ride for the AERC West Region this upcoming October 6, 2012.  Several weeks ago, friend Tami and I went out and explored this loop for the first time, going a bit further as we actually started/finished at the actual ride camp location.  During that excursion, we found some really great trail we wanted to use, but didn't like the one portion to connect into it up and over the mountain (that also included bushwacking down the side of the hill on a cow trail).

So the plan for today was to ride the opposite direction up the cool canyon trail, and then find a better way to get over the range and back down to the valley on the other side.  We were joined by three other good friends, who have an incredible amount of experience and some truly awesome horses, and all had a glorious day.  The good news was that this particular loop actually rode BETTER in this direction, and will most likely become the preferred direction to be used for the ride.  And we found a really nice trail that worked excellently and had some incredible views.

This is a post to see how this link to a Garmin Activity works as much as to document the ride.  =)  So here's the link: 

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Funder said...

The map works well! Are you starting from Lynn's? Or is it someplace public? I am going to take a day off from the house and go on a LONG ride this weekend and I was thinking of going to the ROM site.

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