Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Nevada Derby

I'm just not destined to go to any rides this year....  =(  Our truck died on Friday, half-way out the driveway to go to the ride, with the trailer hooked up and the horse in the back.  I turned it off briefly to use my keys to unlock my car and grab a sweatshirt and a CD, and when I came back the truck wouldn't even try to turn over to start.  After having it towed later that week to the mechanic, it turns out the transmission is going and something "slipped" to cause the truck to think it was not in park (it wouldn't start in neutral either, we tried) so it wouldn't allow the starter to turn over.

Truck is temporarily fixed and is slated to be traded-in for a newer model.  Let the dealership have the problem.  It's been a GOOD truck and has never seriously stranded me with issues, it always seems to have the courtesy to breakdown at home if it's going to do something.  But it's a 1995 model with 185K+ miles on it, with a gas V10 engine.  Stuff is just starting to have issues in general.  We think we've found a replacement, and are waiting to hear from our Credit Union.

Good news is I can do a big CHECK OUT MY NEW RIG post in a week or so hopefully.  Truck isn't the only thing that's new (to me)!!!  ;)


Bird said...

Oh boy, that is major suck. BUT exciting about a new rig?!?

Dom said...

Boo hiss about no ride. My horse is falling apart so no rides for me either.

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