Friday, December 21, 2012

What we've been up to...

... besides not blogging. 

Went to our first actual sorting event.  After staring at the cows for over an hour, Dig remember that he wasn't afraid of them.

What we actually did most of the day...  Sortings are mostly a waiting game.

Did the Nevada Day Parade - which is to celebrate Nevada's acceptance into the Union on October 31st.  The parade is held the last Saturday in October.  We rode with Susan McCartney's group, "Parading Arabians".  I was very impressed with how well Diego handled everything.

Riding through downtown Carson.
Did another sorting in early November.  This was his first time being ridden in a bosal, just put it on that morning.  Since he still goes in a sidepull 99% of the time, he did great.  He's definitely starting to get the hang of it and really go after the cows.  He tries to bite them if they're not moving fast enough. :)

Watching that cow.

He looks SSSOOOO "Arab" here!  Cracks me up.  Pretty much all the other horses are Quarter Horses or QH-cross.
BITE that cow!  Getting ready anyways.
Haven't been doing much riding lately.  Life has been pretty busy and we've been working on projects or out of town most weekends.  I'm ready for the days to start getting longer again and looking forward to Daylight Savings Time.  New adventures and some exciting changes are on the way.  Can't wait!


Dom said...

Busy, productive, AND awesome!

OneHindResting said...

I ride my horse in a side-pull a lot of the time (he goes in bit too). I took him to his/my/our first western club day (I'm in Australia, so it's not an everyday thing) and it got me thinking... how would he go in a bosal? I use the side-pull cos I like the steering I get, I'm not as worried about brakes. How does the bosal compare? Just wondering, thanks for your time.

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