Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life in Idaho

So for the past two years, I've been living the good life. Hangin' out at the Teeter's Ranch in Oreana, Idaho with a bunch of my buddies. Being able to just be a horse, run around when we feel like it, sleep when we feel like it, eat when we feel like it, play when we feel like it, you get the picture.

Then, Merri started messing with me and playing dress-up. She made me a necklace out of jugs. I didn't mind wearing it. I especially liked the orange jugs because they smelled yummy, almost good enough to eat... almost. I looked really cute in my necklace and it was kind of fun. It made Merri happy for me to wear it and she would give me lots of smooches and carrots, so that was good. Carrots are always a good thing. I love carrots.

Merri also made me a bonnet. I liked my bonnet. It kept the sun off, and I know how dashing I looked. So I posed for pictures, held my own lead rope like the big boy that I am, and did my best to look cute, which wasn't very hard. Merri would put my bonnet all over me. She even put it on my back. I didn't mind. It was soft and fuzzy and I got carrots. Anything for carrots.

Merri told me that I was becoming such a big boy, that one day I might even get my very own person. Someone special who would spend lots of time with me and teach me a lot more new things and take me fun places. That sounded pretty good, but I was really happy just hanging out with my friends as well. As I was saying earlier, life on the ranch was good and I enjoyed it there.

~ Diego

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