Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update 10/05/2008

I need to finish dinner so just a quick Diego Update. =) First, he's MUCH slimmer. He's not eating nearly as much as Sinatra did and I'm still trying to decide if it's because Diego isn't eating enough or Sinatra just ate SO much! But the uberbelly is pretty much gone, I was really surprised how quickly it went away. He seems very mellow and happy, but I don't think he likes the grass hay very much. I need to get some new stuff pretty soon anyways, so maybe I'll just buy a couple of bales from some different places and see which are the yummiest.

Diego isn't scared of kids anymore. =) I knew that one wouldn't last long with Taren around here. LOL Taren was climbing all over the fence today and Diego was following him around and sniffing at him. We all 3 went on a walk on Friday afternoon and Taren rode his bike, so Diego's getting used to bikes now too. Wait until the boys get out the dirt bikes and/or Taren's quad. I'm so lucky to have such good de-spookers here at home. =)

We went to a local arena today and did some under saddle stuff. He did good but is still pretty jumpy. I need to spend some more time with him under saddle here at home in his corral where he's more relaxed and work on just touching his butt and tapping his legs and belly with my foot, and having him stand next to me while I sit on the fence and stuff. More with "it's okay to have a human up above you" type of things. He would scoot out from under me, and bolted off the first time, when I tried to put my weight in the stirrup. But overall he did great. He was having a TON of fun running around - little stink-butt took over 30 minutes and 2 of us to catch him the one time, he was having SO much fun racing around. =P It got a lot easier after he tired himself out some. Here's a pic, this is as far "up" as I got today (laying my belly across the saddle). We called it a day on that note.

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