Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Yay! Back to riding! For having 4 full weeks off (last ride was Sunday, 1/11) Diego did really good. Again, we went over to Bartley Ranch and rode in their smaller arena. Back to basics, I lunged him for about 5 minutes or so to make sure no craziness was going to occur and then hopped on. He seemed to not have any lapses and picked-up right where we had left off. What a good boy.

I met a new friend today. She was riding her Morgan mare in the large arena working on some dressage exercises. When she was done, I asked if I could join her and her mare on a hand-walk around the park. She asked me if I did endurance (I did have on my zilco breastcollar and beta reins - plus the bumper stickers on my trailer) and it turns out that she rode an LD last year and wants to do a few more this year. Very cool! She's planning on riding the LD at Rides of March for her first this season. I plan on being out there as a volunteer. So we exchanged phone numbers, hopefully we can get together to ride sometime in the future. Not sure how she would feel about babysitting Diego and me, so I'd like to get him going more reliably first.

I worked on some more trotting under saddle when we got back from our walk. He'll only go about 1/2 way around the small arena before stopping suddenly. He either gets busy gawping at something or I think when I start to post he feels off balance and stops. Hhhmmm.... Need to work this out. I've tried just sitting his trot but as he gets going faster he starts to bounce me more and then just stops again.

It was good to be riding again. =)

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Ashley said...

Crysta, I'm so glad to see you're riding again! Sounds like Diego has a good mind if he remembered everything and was all systems go after having 4 weeks off.

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