Monday, February 2, 2009

Going Again

So Diego's pretty much had the past couple of weeks off since my accident. I've been out to feed and scratch on him, but haven't really done much else. Since I haven't been able to fully close my jaw since my accident, I've been very leery of riding and accidentally "clicking" my teeth together. Just seemed safer and easier to not worry about riding. But I was feeling sorry for the boy so decided to take Diego out yesterday to at least stretch his legs for a while.

Hooked the trailer up and headed over to Bartley Ranch, our closest public arena. There were two other trailers there when we arrived, the people were riding in the smaller arena and looked to be just finishing up. I turned Diggy out in the big arena where he RAN, RAN, RAN! He was having **such** a good time, you could tell he really does love to run! I was cracking up laughing at him. He would make eye-contact with me each time he would come by, then dig in deeper and take off sprinting again. Silly boy!

After he'd tired himself out some, I caught him and decided to take him for a walk around the park, even though my husband had forbid me from going on unsupervised walks anymore. =P Dig was a little excited since he'd just been running around, but I made sure to walk him CORRECTLY on the right amount of lead rope, so we didn't have any issues. He did spook some at a guy on a bike (reminds me I need to get MY bike out and ride around by his corral) and spooked a little at two ladies jogging toward us (???). We walked all around by the old farm equipment and over by a playground where the kids were on swings and those plastic animals on a spring in the ground. Just stood and watched them until they were sufficiently boring that grazing became more appealing. Then walked back to the trailer, trotting a bit in hand (like a VERY good boy) across the gravel parking area and walking like a gentleman beside me across the wooden bridge.

Got back to the trailer and lots more people had shown up. Some cowboy-wanna be in his little "outfit" complete with full chaps, bandanna, hat on stampede string hanging down his back, not on his head and his clueless girlfriend. You could tell he thought he was some NH guru, although none of his dogs could walk properly on a leash and I think he spent more time talking to his horse about stuff than actually DOING anything. There was also two girls in they're early 20's or so either running their horses around or riding in the arena. A young girl (10?) on a pony having a barrel racing lesson, the mini horse the came with the pony, and two other younger girls riding around on bikes. So Diego got tied to the trailer, in the middle of all this, to sit back and "just deal with it." He did good. I found out he was more spooky about the dogs than what any of the other horses were doing, even when barrel pony came charging up to the fence right behind his butt. Dig would kind of spook in place, kind of hunker down but not go anywhere. I sat in the shade in the tack room and talked with him on occasion and just watched all the goings-on.

Once he was settled and didn't seem bothered by anything, we walked around in the immediately vicinity of the trailers a little more and I went over to one of the large mounting stands they have constructed and worked on parking Diggy in various spots and positions. He did really well with all of that. I thought about saddling up and riding in the little arena, but wanted to get home to watch the Super Bowl so scratched that idea. Going to hopefully do a couple little rides at home this week and (if the weather cooperates), we have plans for another ride with Beth on Friday.

** Oh! I had a dentist appt this afternoon and have a tooth update! I'm going to be losing the canine on the bottom right for sure, that root is broke all the way across, no saving it. All the other teeth looked really good and my roots on my incisors were much longer with the closer more detailed x-rays than they looked in the panoramic, and all of them look very healthy for now. They ground down a little of the composite material on the front of my bottom teeth so I can now close my jaw! Yay! I also discovered last week that I can chew regular food, as long as I cut it up really small first (no biting), so I'm off my smoosh food diet. Double-Yay! **

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